Russian estate

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List of estates



Borodino Estate

Moscow region, Mozhaisk district
Borodino village, 15 km from the Mozhaisk town (Mozhajskij county)

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The estate is located just on a border of the Borodino battlefield, where Russian Army fought Napoleonic Le Grande Armee in 1812. Before 1839, Borodino was a property of a wealthy but unachieving families, but was aquired by the Tsars later. The only historic building that survived the Soviet time and Nazi invasion, is the Church of Nativity, erected in 1690's. Rich interiors of the manor and the royal furniture were confiscated by Bolsheviks and partly preserved in Moscow museums. The house that currently occupies the spot of the manor, is a reconstuction.

  • The degree of preservation: Museum
  • Availability territory: Доступно
  • Transport accessibility: by public or private transport.

Porech'e Estate

Moscow region, Mozhaisk district
Porech'e village

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One of the largest estates in the Moscow region with a huge house topped with a glass belvedere, and a magnificent park, has unfortunately become inaccessible since the 2000s. The estate was founded in the middle of the 18th century by the secret husband of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna, Field Marshal A. Razumovsky. Many prominent representatives of Russian culture frequented the estate.

  • The degree of preservation: Better
  • Availability territory: Доступна церковь
  • Transport accessibility: by public or private transport.