Russian estate

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List of estates



Fedino Estate

Moscow region, Voskresensk district
Fedino village (Bronnitskii county)

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The only surviving building of the estate is the Church of Seraphim of Sarov, one of the most outstanding monuments of neo-Russian style in the Moscow region. In a poor condition in the present day, the church (still functioning) was built by Vladimir Suslov in 1910–1913, a famous architect and restorer from St. Petersburg.

  • The degree of preservation: Poor
  • Availability territory: Доступно
  • Transport accessibility: only on private transport.

Krivyakino Estate

Moscow region, Voskresensk district
Voskresensk town, Lermontov Street 3, 2 km from the square. "88 km". (Kolomna county)

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A rare example of a preserved manor house in the Baroque style located on the beautiful banks of the Moscow River. The two-storey house from the 1770s was reconstructed in the 19th century. A chapel from 1830 connected to the house by a covered passage has also been preserved. A local history museum is located in a converted wing.

  • The degree of preservation: Average
  • Availability territory: Музей
  • Transport accessibility: by public or private transport.