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Pekhra-Yakovlevskoye Estate

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  • Degree of preservation: better.
  • Composition of the estate: main house (partially preserved), outbuildings, church, household outbuildings (partially preserved), small architectural forms, park (partially preserved), reservoirs, interiors.
  • Topics: architecture, famous persons.
  • Architectural styles represented in the estate: classicism.
  • Transport accessibility: By public and private transport.
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Pekhra-Yakovlevskoye Estate .

A magnificent ensemble, sampling the early "French" classicism built for The Prince Golitsyn family, although with some losses. The remaining elements of the estate ensemble include: the manor house (1783-1786, Catherine The Great period) that lost it's facade in a number of reconstructions Supposedly, Prince Golitsun commisioned prominent architect K.Blanc to build the manor; original building was two-story but the third level was added after 1920's fire. Some buildings remain unaltered, like outbildings, connected with the main manor with concave colonnades, erected in the end of 18th century by engineer F.P Caszie; two-story theater building and greenhouses (1800s). built by arch. AA Menelas; Church of the Transfiguration (1777-1782) by K.Blanc on the blueprint of N. Legrand. The estate resides in a landscape linden park with elements of regular planning (second half of XVIII- early XIX centuries). that is stretched along the bank of the river Pekhorka.On the park side of the manor, the visitor can see a semi-circular stone staircase with partially surviving sculptures and grottoes.

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