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Gorenki Estate

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  • Degree of preservation: better.
  • Composition of the estate: main house, outbuildings, household outbuildings (partially preserved), small architectural forms (partially preserved), park, reservoirs, beautiful views, interiors (partially preserved).
  • Topics: architecture, landscape and parks, famous persons, family history.
  • Architectural styles represented in the estate: classicism, neo-classicism.
  • Transport accessibility: By public and private transport.


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Gorenki Estate . Alternative title: Nagorenki.

Residence of Count Razumovsky just outside Moscow, famous for huge landscape park with rare species of plants. The estate was founded by Prince A.G.Dolgorukov in the first quarter of the 18th century, but ceded to the Imperial Court administration in 1730. Since 1747 the property belonged to the secret husband of Empress Elizabeth, Field Marshal, Count A.G. Razumovsky and until 1827, to his heirs.The estate later was divided in some parts and sold to different noble families. One of the owners, merchant I.G.Bilibin, converted the manor into a paper mill. In the end of XIXth century the estate was acquired by K.V.Tretyakov, the founder of the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, who continued the industrial use of the estate.The last owner before 1917 was a prominent industrialist V.P.Sevryugov, who returned the estate to its former residential functional purpose.

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