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Belkino Estate

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  • Degree of preservation: average.
  • Composition of the estate: main house (poorly preserved), church, household outbuildings (partially preserved), park (partially preserved), reservoirs, interiors (partially preserved).
  • Topics: architecture, family history, visual art.
  • Architectural styles represented in the estate: baroque, classicism.
  • Transport accessibility: By public and private transport.


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Belkino Estate . Alternative title: Борисоглебское.

An impressive riun of what was once a family home of Vorontsov's family. The estate had been founded here by Ivan The Terrible's henchmen Maluta Skuratov in mid-1550's and inherited by marriage by Boris Godunov, Tsar-sucessor. In 1740's the estate falls in hands of Vorontsovs who comission a massive construction. The baroquescque palace, the church and some outbuldings (1774-1778) are beautiful yet ruined. The church (1773) is well preserved. Vorontsov's estate had hosted many famous Russian since Catherine The Great times.

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