Russian estate

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List of estates



Aksinino Estate

Tula region, Venyov district
Aksinyino village

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The former estate of the Davydovs, relatives of Denis Davydov, the famous hero of the War of 1812. The estate’s interesting feature is a unique church with a dome crowned by a stone angel with a cross. Unfortunately, the buildings have been poorly preserved. The estate has a park and water reservoirs.

  • The degree of preservation: Poor
  • Transport accessibility: only on private transport.

Isakovo Estate

Tula region, Venyov district
Isakovo village

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A rare ensemble of small Baroque style estates of the Ignatievs. The estate’s interesting feature are the unusual architectural designs — there is a building with two semi-circular projections and the inactive church is faced with white stone. Unfortunately, all the buildings are continuing to deteriorate.

  • The degree of preservation: Better
  • Availability territory: Доступно
  • Transport accessibility: by public or private transport.

Khruslovka Estate

Tula region, Venyov district
Malaya-Hruslovka village

    (no votes)

Once a gorgeous estate of von Meck's family, themed after British Georgian style. Nadezhda von Meck, who comissioned the construction, was a lifelong friend of Pyotr Tchaikovsky. Despite the Soviet time devastation, the palace still has some interiors and the park keeps its picturesque idea.

  • The degree of preservation: Average
  • Availability territory: По договоренности
  • Transport accessibility: by public or private transport.