Russian estate

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List of estates



Isady Estate

Riazan' region, Spasskii district
Isady village

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Один из старейших сохранившихся храмов Рязанщины (1635-1673), построенный основателями усадьбы Ляпуновыми на высоком берегу Оки

  • The degree of preservation: Poor
  • Availability territory: Доступно
  • Transport accessibility: only on private transport.

Kiritsy Estate

Riazan' region, Spasskii district
Kiritsy village

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Huge noble estate, once owned by a prominent industrialist S. von Dervisee, samples the early work of a famous Moscow architect Fedor Shekhtel. Main manor (1880s) and outbuildings are designed in the neo-Gothic style. Currently used as a tuberculosis research and clinic, the estate is not an easy place to visit.

  • The degree of preservation: Better
  • Availability territory: Внешний осмотр
  • Transport accessibility: by public or private transport.